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Day 8

Weight: 84kg (that's kinda funny, but won't worry about it. Will just watch what I eat today)

Exercise: 3 sets of 10 reps each of
barbell squats (10lbs)
glute/ham raise (bridge)
ab work (curls)

Cardio: 1 hour at gym (718 cals), 1 hour 10 minutes outside
15 minutes stairclimber (209 cals) [*evil laugh* I am starting to conquer this evil machine]
15 minutes stationary bike (94 cals)
30 minutes elliptical (415 cals)
70 minutes brisk walk home

Finally hit the 1 hour mark in terms of cardio!!! Go me! I'm determined to do at least 1 hour of cardio, 5 times a week. Hey, I can temporarily put my social life on hold, if it means that I won't cry at pictures of myself in a bathing suit :P

It's only Day 8 of my self-created 101 day program, but I've noticed an attitude adjustment on my part. I think for the better. Instead of doing the usual let's-ignore-the-problem-and-hope-that-it'll-go-away-quietly-on-its-on, I've been feeling more...competent? Anyway, I feel as though I can deal with problems instead of slinking away from them. And you know what, so far I've found that finding a workable solution is so much easier than the stress of trying to not worry about the growing problem.

Silly moment of the day: as I was walking home through the U of T campus, this absolute boytoy cutie smiles and winks at me(!). Made me laugh in a good way, but am still off men until my trip. Life is much simpler sans les garcons, pour maintenant, au moins ^_^
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