Little Sunshine (kitten_goddess) wrote in 2005losers,
Little Sunshine


I indulged on Thanksgiving. Then I indulged again yesterday. I had the leftover ribs for lunch, then went to movie night at a friend's, where I had four slices of meatlover's pizza, had a ginger beer, and two cans of regular Coke.

The result: 143.5 on the scale this morning. A gain of 3 1/2 pounds in two days.

This is a warning sign, like the Check Oil light on your car. At this stage, the weight gain is easily correctable. I am going back on SlimFast for two meals a day. Tomorrow, I am meeting a friend for lunch. I will order a salad without cheese, meat, or croutons (dressing is no temptation for me, since I hate the stuff), no appetizer, no bread, no dessert. I will drink lots of diet soda with the meal.

The holidays are over until Christmas. Time to reign in the appetite.

Today: one scoop of Slim-Fast with 2% milk (I hate skim), and about thirty grapes (what I've eaten so far)

If we go out to eat after the movie, I will order a salad, same as above. I will say I'm not hungry after all the pizza I ate last night if my husband asks me why. I've learned that people are either annoyed with me or think I need to see a shrink when I mention I need to diet. This is because I am now close to normal weight, of course.
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