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I indulged on Thanksgiving. Then I indulged again yesterday. I had the leftover ribs for lunch, then went to movie night at a friend's, where I had four slices of meatlover's pizza, had a ginger beer, and two cans of regular Coke.

The result: 143.5 on the scale this morning. A gain of 3 1/2 pounds in two days.

This is a warning sign, like the Check Oil light on your car. At this stage, the weight gain is easily correctable. I am going back on SlimFast for two meals a day. Tomorrow, I am meeting a friend for lunch. I will order a salad without cheese, meat, or croutons (dressing is no temptation for me, since I hate the stuff), no appetizer, no bread, no dessert. I will drink lots of diet soda with the meal.

The holidays are over until Christmas. Time to reign in the appetite.

Today: one scoop of Slim-Fast with 2% milk (I hate skim), and about thirty grapes (what I've eaten so far)

If we go out to eat after the movie, I will order a salad, same as above. I will say I'm not hungry after all the pizza I ate last night if my husband asks me why. I've learned that people are either annoyed with me or think I need to see a shrink when I mention I need to diet. This is because I am now close to normal weight, of course.
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This is a really late response, I hope you get it though!

I have the same problem. I'm close to normal weight, even in the normal range, just a little on the higher side, so people freak out if I mention "diet." "Oh, you look fine, don't be silly." But I'm not comfortable with it.

I hate lying and feeling like I have to hide it.
I have to explain that I'm on "weight maintenance." This means I stay on the diet, just eat more so I don't lose weight. So many people go on a diet, lose the weight, go off the diet, and then gain it back again (I did that once before.) People don't seem to grasp the weight maintenance concept.

Have you ever had people just glare you into next week when you mention diet? I have learned not to mention watching my weight around people who are a lot bigger than I am because of this reaction. Of course, that reaction was justified, since it was rude of me to mention my dieting around them. I'd do the same thing if some size six mentioned dieting, too (I'm a size ten).

Actually, if someone that small thinks she needs to diet and she's over 5'2, she may have a body image or eating disorder. I'd be worried about her.