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Must share this good news...

I've been weighing myself every morning, but really so that I have some number to punch into the machines during my workouts. What I have been basing my progress upon though are my waist measurements, which I measure every morning (and mark in my workout journal, along with what I eat and how much water I drink).

Anyway, as of this past Saturday, I have now dropped 3" off my waist since I started working out November 1st!!! This is the most progress I have seen in gods I don't know how many years. I am so happy about this, as I am a huge flirt at heart and I miss having men tripping over themselves trying to impress me :] (it was always in good fun, have never deliberately hurt anyone) Not that I'm some ugly lump now, but I do miss the volume of attention. Now my sister's insistence that we hit the beach next summer in matching bikinis actually seems like a possibility. A small, tiny possibility, but a possibility none the same.
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