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Day 3

Yesterday's workout:
5 sets of 5 reps of:
barbell squats
glute/ham raises
calf raises

cardio: 40 minutes stationary bike (241 cals burned)
25 minutes brisk walk

Today my thighs are simply dying from the squats I did yesterday. Walking down stairs is killer, though I guess it doesn't help that I'm wearing 4 1/2 " heels (but they're so pretty, and they go so well with my dress suit :D ). Am wondering what kinda of cardio I want to do today...

After work it's back to the gym and time to do workout #1 again. I'm also keeping track of what I eat in my workout notebook, along with the times I eat everything, and I'm finding that it's already acting as a firm guiding hand.

Today is only Day 3 of my program, but I'm noticing a tiny bit of shrinking already. Unfortunately it's my breasts, but that's o.k. because for me that's the first place weight goes away and my gut is the last. This just means that I will start to see some reduction in my waistline as long as I stay with the program.
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